Why Smartphone Software has Become a New Battle Ground for Smartphone Company

Smartphone Software

There is a great race between the top smartphones companies to bring an ideal product in front of their customers so that they can make it happen to get more customers. Now a day ever one wants to buy a smartphone but there are a lot of companies in the smartphone market(Samsung, Apple, Blackberry,HTC, etc.).

They have brought a lot of great products on the market. But if we go through a general scenario you will get that there is not much difference between their hardware. They all come with quad-core processors, with a sufficient amount of Ram, A powerful GPU. A big and HD display, A camera with HD recording, A longer battery life.


There might be difference a little difference between their configuration but all is kinda same in means of their configuration. That’s the main reason why customers are always confused while buying a high budget smartphone. So what do they do is, some of them just go with the market flow i.e. buy the most popular phone without keeping their usage in their mind. But some of them compare the software features, and then they select which phone to buy.Checkout my latest blog posted at http://www.football-toplinks.com/choose-smartphone/

So hardware is kinda same but software changes from company to company. if you want to attract more customers, then you must provide the features that are really helpful,handy in use and will amaze the experience of device usage. Just like Samsung, who has come up with amazing features in its recent years. we can see these features in S3, Note, Note II and Now in S4. They have given amazing features.

If you are a user of a smartphone, then you can spend your whole day playing with your smartphone. you can surf the internet, run applications, games, click photos, etc. so while using your phone, its experiences must not be good. you should be able to do things without running through a series of menus. Every menu, every setting must be there. or should only a tap away from you.

when we talk about Nokia, we can see that on of the biggest reason behind the Nokia’s failure is it Symbian OS. You can not comment on its hardware because the hardware in Nokia smartphones is the best hardware if we see in past Nokia was on the top of making great phones. but if you buy a phone of worth $600 you will get the same OS that it will provide you in $100 with same kinda setting according to me this was a really big mistake from Nokia.

Now Apple is doing same like Nokia. They should bring some amazing OS features in their iOS devices. on the other hand, HTC and Samsung are paying great attention to their software. in HTC One you can see a default stream feature on the front screen is really amazing and revolutionary thing. you can get each and every update of social media, News, etc. on your Home Screen.see this link for additional tips.

Samsung if two steps ahead in its phone features like Dual Shot, Photo With audio,etc. On which user can waste their most of the time, Video will be played till you are watching the display when you move your eyes away video will be paused. isn’t it cool.

Smartphone Software

Conclusion:Nowadays users need a smartphone with features on which they can get waist most of their times. if you think hardware can make attract customers, then you should look in past what happened to Nokia, in coming years if you will provide features like Samsung did in its S4. only then the company can survive, otherwise, in future, you could face a lot of problems.

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

If you’re really struggling to think of what you can buy members of your family this Christmas, then here’s a few tips that might help.

When choosing something for relatives who are a bit hard to please (you know the ones) your safest option is to get them a gift card, or present them with cash. But at least, make it more interesting by wrapping them up as you would a present. This makes it a bit more fun and prolongs the excitement of when they receive their present. You can also feel confident knowing that they will surely be pleased by the fact that they can go out and purchase something they really want, and in their own time.

The main advantage of giving them cash is that you won’t need to guess which stores they prefer to shop at. Giving them cash means they can shop for something they want wherever they please. A gift card or voucher might be more restrictive, but if you know they like books, for example, they can go and buy a book that they like without you having to guess which book they might really want. Also, buying a voucher from a bookseller that sells a wide range of other products as well, such as WH Smith, for example, means that if they can’t find a book they want they can always choose something else. A DVD perhaps, or a music CD.

Obviously, you want to make sure that everyone you buy a gift for will enjoy receiving it. So if you’re not really sure, then it’s best to play safe.

If you think that presenting gift vouchers or cash is just plain boring, then the next thing you need to consider if you’re determined to buy them something they would really like, is to choose something related to a hobby they may have, or activity that they are regularly involved in. Or how about something related to their favourite TV show?checkout more details at http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/last-minute-mothers-day-gifts-7469100

Christmas gift ideas

Perhaps a ‘behind the scenes’ book of the show, (or movie if they have a favourite film) Or if they like quiz shows, how about a board game based on the show. At least, with a board game, it means that everyone can join in on the fun and make it more exciting.

Taking the time to find out about what the recipient would really like means they will be more aware of the thought that you put into buying a gift that suits them. In view of this, a careful consideration made on your part will make the gift so much more appreciated.

Valentine’s Day Gifts & Heart Shaped Chocolates

Valentine's Day Gifts & Heart Shaped Chocolates

Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her are really important. For so many people, Valentine’s Day is really big. It’s important to say “I Love you” to the one that you really love. It is a way to make sure that the person you love, really knows how you feel.

Or, you can use Valentine’s Day to say to someone that you like her or him. And, the best way to say this, is to buy some great Valentine’s Day gifts and even heart shaped chocolate. Here are some ideas and more information about Valentine’s Day gifts and heart-shaped chocolates.

Valentine’s Day gifts

It really doesn’t matter if you are buying Valentine’s Day gifts for him or for her. The thing that really matters is what you buy, and what it really means.

You should make sure that you are buying something that is really saying how you feel. But, it must be something that the person will like. And, when it comes to buying a gift for the man in your life, you will realize that it can be really hard. This is why it is important to think out of the box when it comes to buying something for your man. Some ideas that you can buy are:

• A plant, that’s perfect for a man for his office or bedroom;

• His favorite chocolates, even if they aren’t really Valentine’s Day chocolates;

• Alternatively, a dinner that you have made yourself, with candles and romantic music.
You don’t always have to buy him something, you can make something at home. For example, heart-shaped chocolates.

Heart-shaped chocolates

The great thing about buying heart-shaped chocolates, is the fact that you can give it as a Valentine’s Day gift for him or for her. This is something that will be always a great idea.

When it’s time for Valentine’s Day, you will notice that you can buy heart-shaped chocolates almost everywhere, but if you are thinking about buying online, you will realize that you can choose the chocolates from any type of size. There are big ones, and there are some small ones. Then, you can also find both, big and small hearts, in one package.

If you don’t want to buy heart-shaped chocolates, but you want to give a chocolate that is unique and personalized, then you will also be able to find some ideas online. It can be a great idea to make your own chocolate shapes, because it is such an easy task to do. All that you are going to need are the chocolate and the molds of the shape that you want.

Valentine's Day Gifts & Heart Shaped Chocolates

Many people fear Valentine’s Day, because they don’t have someone to love, or their special person isn’t there anymore. But, for those who do have someone to love, they are trying to buy the best possible gift. There are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day, but if you are going to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for him, it will be much harder to find the perfect gift.However, you can always buy him some great heart-shaped chocolates that he can enjoy.

Make Your Valentine’s Day Gifts Personal by Ordering Custom Gifts Online

Personal by Ordering Custom Gifts Online

Buying Valentine’s Day gifts for him or for her, can be something really special. This is the time of the year where you can show the love of your life how much you really love him or her. The problem is if you want to make the gift really personal, you will need to really think out of the box. However, you can always go online and order a custom gift online. Here are some tips on how to choose the best online Valentine’s Day gift.

Finding fresh flowers

It really isn’t the best Valentine’s Day gift for him, but if you are thinking of buying some really beautiful flowers online for her, then you should make sure that the flowers are going to be fresh, when they finally reach her.

There are many places online where you can buy fresh flowers, which will still look great when it arrives at her door on Valentine’s Day. Buying flowers online doesn’t mean that you should buy a dozen red roses. You can buy any kind of flowers that she admires. Some women don’t like roses, but like lilies for example. Send her flowers that she would love.

Buying jewelry online

Buying personalized jewelry online can also be a great Valentine’s Day gift for him or for her. But, you need to make sure that you are really going to get the value that you are paying for.

The great thing about buying jewelry online, is that you can buy something that no one else has. And, you can even engrave something romantic on it.

Because there are so many different online jewelry stores, you need to make sure that you are not buying something cheap. This will not look great, if your loved one is opening the gift, just to find some cheap looking jewelry inside. Then, you will have some serious explaining to do.

This is why you should not buy the cheapest jewelry that you can find. Rather pay more money and get the value that you and your loved one deserve.

Show that you gave the gift a lot of thought

Even if you are buying a Valentine’s Day gift for him, you should make sure that he knows through the gift that you are given him, that you have gained a lot of thought with the gift.view additional information at http://parade.com/457011/rachelweingarten/last-minute-valentines-day-gift-ideas/

It mustn’t look like if you went on the first online shop and choose the first gift that you saw. This will not make a really great gift. It is important to take your time, and search for the perfect gift. The more thought you are giving to find the best gift, the better the chance that your loved one will really like your gift idea.

Personal by Ordering Custom Gifts Online

It is really important that you make sure that you are buying a great Valentine’s Day gift, when you really love someone. This is a day that you can show anyone that you love, that you really love and admire him or her. And, to know these tips when you are planning to buy something online, will ensure that you are buying the best Valentine’s Day gift for him or even for her.