Why Smartphone Software has Become a New Battle Ground for Smartphone Company

Smartphone Software

There is a great race between the top smartphones companies to bring an ideal product in front of their customers so that they can make it happen to get more customers. Now a day ever one wants to buy a smartphone but there are a lot of companies in the smartphone market(Samsung, Apple, Blackberry,HTC, etc.).

They have brought a lot of great products on the market. But if we go through a general scenario you will get that there is not much difference between their hardware. They all come with quad-core processors, with a sufficient amount of Ram, A powerful GPU. A big and HD display, A camera with HD recording, A longer battery life.


There might be difference a little difference between their configuration but all is kinda same in means of their configuration. That’s the main reason why customers are always confused while buying a high budget smartphone. So what do they do is, some of them just go with the market flow i.e. buy the most popular phone without keeping their usage in their mind. But some of them compare the software features, and then they select which phone to buy.Checkout my latest blog posted at http://www.football-toplinks.com/choose-smartphone/

So hardware is kinda same but software changes from company to company. if you want to attract more customers, then you must provide the features that are really helpful,handy in use and will amaze the experience of device usage. Just like Samsung, who has come up with amazing features in its recent years. we can see these features in S3, Note, Note II and Now in S4. They have given amazing features.

If you are a user of a smartphone, then you can spend your whole day playing with your smartphone. you can surf the internet, run applications, games, click photos, etc. so while using your phone, its experiences must not be good. you should be able to do things without running through a series of menus. Every menu, every setting must be there. or should only a tap away from you.

when we talk about Nokia, we can see that on of the biggest reason behind the Nokia’s failure is it Symbian OS. You can not comment on its hardware because the hardware in Nokia smartphones is the best hardware if we see in past Nokia was on the top of making great phones. but if you buy a phone of worth $600 you will get the same OS that it will provide you in $100 with same kinda setting according to me this was a really big mistake from Nokia.

Now Apple is doing same like Nokia. They should bring some amazing OS features in their iOS devices. on the other hand, HTC and Samsung are paying great attention to their software. in HTC One you can see a default stream feature on the front screen is really amazing and revolutionary thing. you can get each and every update of social media, News, etc. on your Home Screen.see this link for additional tips.

Samsung if two steps ahead in its phone features like Dual Shot, Photo With audio,etc. On which user can waste their most of the time, Video will be played till you are watching the display when you move your eyes away video will be paused. isn’t it cool.

Smartphone Software

Conclusion:Nowadays users need a smartphone with features on which they can get waist most of their times. if you think hardware can make attract customers, then you should look in past what happened to Nokia, in coming years if you will provide features like Samsung did in its S4. only then the company can survive, otherwise, in future, you could face a lot of problems.